AQUAM INSULA – The water from the islands of Fiji

It is our pleasure to offer a water that is pure, natural, smooth, and simply delicious – an amazing present from mother earth, refined with a hint of carbonization to make it sparkling and refreshing.

Tropical rain in the high mountains of Viti Levu finds its way through the ancient lava rock and constantly fills the deep aquifer after a long journey through the interior of the volcanic island. The water is filled into clear glass bottles at source, ensuring that the precious natural product remains pristine and pure.

Our unique glass bottle design ensures the smooth flow of the beautiful water into your drinking glass, for you to enjoy.

The source and the unique bottling plant is nestled in a beautiful forest. Our bottling plant is 100% powered by solar, making the operation carbon neutral.

AQUAM INSULA water is being delivered in crates made from local hardwood timber, allowing for the sustainable re-use of the crates.

Impressions of the source: