Aquam Insula Pte Ltd: A Sustainable Approach to Sparkling Water Production

Aquam Insula Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Totoka Islands Ltd, a privately owned company registered in Fiji since 2012, is at the forefront of innovation in the beverage industry with its groundbreaking approach to carbonated water production. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Totoka Islands Ltd has invested over FJD 50 Million in the integrated development of remote properties in Fiji, showcasing its dedication to environmentally responsible practices.

In 2019 Totoka Islands Ltd discovered a pristine, high-quality water source on one of their remote properties. Seizing the opportunity, the company decided to create Fiji’s first artesian carbonated water product, AQUAM INSULA sparkling water, which was successfully launched in October 2022.

What distinguishes AQUAM INSULA, in addition to its exceptional water quality, is its unwavering commitment to being a fully carbon-neutral product. The company has carefully considered every aspect of its operations to minimize its environmental impact. The bottling plant is powered by 100% solar energy, ensuring clean and renewable energy sources. Additionally, the company has chon glass as its packaging material, a safe and eco-friendly alternative. In a bid to eliminate waste, the bottles are printed with environmentally neutral ink, eliminating the need for stickers. Furthermore, to achieve 100% recycling, AQUAM INSULA products are shipped to consumers in Fiji in locally produced hardwood crates made from rain tree timber, completely avoiding additional packaging materials. The crates are then returned to the company along with empty bottles, which are upcycled to create building materials.

In addition to the popular AQUAM INSULA Sparkling Water, the company also offers a Still Water option. These products are available at Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Supermarkets, catering to a wide range of customers.

While Aquam Insula Pte Ltd focuses on its water products, the Totoka Islands group of companies remains dedicated to holistic integrated development in remote areas of Fiji. With a strong emphasis on reforestation and forest stewardship, the company has commissioned a chartered surveyor to measure the carbon dioxide removal capabilities of its forests. The results are astounding, with the company's forests removing a staggering 24,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the air annually. This makes the activities of the Totoka Islands group carbon negative, actively contributing to Fiji's climate goals.

Aquam Insula Pte Ltd and the Totoka Islands group of companies are paving the way for sustainable business practices in Fiji. By prioritizing environmental stewardship, renewable energy, and carbon neutrality, they serve as an inspiration to other companies striving to make a positive impact on our planet.

Allow us to share glimpses of the breathtaking source that gives birth to AQUAM INSULA's exceptional water: