AQUAM INSULA PTE LTD, a proud subsidiary of Totoka Islands Ltd, is dedicated to providing exceptional natural mineral water sourced from an Aquifer nestled in the majestic mountains of Viti Levu, Fiji.

As a 100% subsidiary of Totoka Islands Ltd, AQUAM INSULA PTE LTD operates with a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. With a rich heritage rooted in integrated property development and reforestation projects, Totoka Islands Ltd's influence and dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment are at the core of AQUAM INSULA's ethos.

By harnessing the pristine water source from the Aquifer, AQUAM INSULA ensures that every bottle of our natural mineral water delivers the highest quality and taste. Sourced directly from the heart of Fiji's mountains, our water undergoes a meticulous filtration process, preserving its natural mineral composition and refreshing qualities.

At AQUAM INSULA, we believe in the importance of harmonizing business practices with nature's wisdom. That's why we have taken extensive measures to minimize our environmental footprint. Our bottling plant operates entirely on solar energy, ensuring that the production of our water remains clean and sustainable. To further reduce waste, we have chosen eco-friendly glass packaging, which not only preserves the integrity of our water but also supports our commitment to environmental responsibility.

As advocates for a greener future, AQUAM INSULA has revolutionized our packaging approach. Our bottles receive a direct print with environmentally neutral ink, eliminating the need for stickers and reducing waste. In line with our commitment to the circular economy, in Fiji our bottles are packaged in locally produced hardwood crates made from rain tree timber. These crates are not only reusable but also contribute to the preservation of Fiji's forests, creating a holistic approach to sustainability.

AQUAM INSULA's dedication to environmental consciousness extends beyond our products. We actively engage in initiatives that drive positive change in the water bottling industry. As a member of the water bottling industry work group, we played a pivotal role in submitting the water taxation proposal that has been reflected in the recent government budget. By collaborating with industry peers, we strive to shape policies that promote sustainability and ensure a thriving future for Fiji's water resources.

By choosing AQUAM INSULA, you not only indulge in a truly exceptional natural mineral water experience but also join us in our mission to preserve and protect the natural beauty of Fiji. We invite you to explore our range of products, each bottle encapsulating the essence of Fiji's pristine mountains and our unwavering commitment to sustainability.